We can mix & match the tasks as you desire. i.e. you could do the graphic design, page layout, and/or copy-writing, which I’ll implement in the theme and CSS code.

My Approach

I prefer to:

  • Deeply understand your business’ values, characteristics, advantages and benefits;
  • Develop your ideas and brainstorm the layout, text, pictures and graphics;
  • Create fast, secure, search engine optimised websites.

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Copy Writing

Website visitors want answers to their questions. They scan-read. So:

  • Assert something, then justify;
  • Write the assertion in one paragraph of two or three, 15 word sentences;
  • Add a list of bullet points, that justify the assertion.

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WordPress sites offer many advantages. You can:

  • Easily add new pages, change existing text, and keep a blog.
  • Radically change the graphic design, but re-use the existing text on each page.
  • Benefit from a huge community writing advice, plug-ins, and updates

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Graphic design should help communicate your value proposition.

  • Put important stuff where visitors look first. They scan across the top, then down the left-hand side.
  • Add pictures only if they communicate your value proposition
  • Avoid hiding weak content with meaningless photos.

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I develop websites that load quickly:

  • Under 2 seconds, but depends on the host.
  • Less than 20 requests to the server.
  • Cached content, compressed transfers, appropriately sized images.

Check out how quickly your website really loads:web page speed test.

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WordPress sites are secure, despite their reputation. They are secure, if you or I:

  • Update to the latest versions. Hackers often find security flaws by comparing old and new versions
  • Use strong passwords and non-obvious user-names
  • Block bad hosts

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