Derrida Deconstruction and Joinery

Derrida Deconstruction and Joinery - Marvelous Name? It’s rare for business’ to choose an amusing name. Sometimes hairdressers and fish and chip shops, but a builder working in St. Ives? A Monty Python sketch must be written.

Far too many years ago, my dear sister got a bad dose of Derrida whilst studying in Paris. I tried, I really did try, to understand what the good Monsieur Jacques Derrida rabbited on about. Something about you can only understand the meaning of a word in relation to other words. Something about deconstructing text to discover it’s inconsistencies.

Apparently, that’s cutting edge French philosophy. If only this van was parked outside the Cambridge University Philosophy Dept, where there was a bit of tiff over Derrida’s ideas a few years ago. – Some thought he wasn’t good enough to get an honorary doctorate.

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