My Approach to Web Design & Development

I’ve set out to be different. I like to spend time with my clients. I enjoy understanding their business, value proposition, and reasons for success. I want my clients to:

  • Easily add new pages and pictures, or change pages and pictures, without calling me. It will take just an hour for me to show you how to do this.
  • Be free to use other designers or developers.  My clients own their domain and their relationship with their hosting provider.
  • Works on all devices: works on phones, tablets and desktops
  • Client owns their hosting: You own your own hosting account. I don’t charge ridiculous fees for hosting.
  • Support: Most of my clients manage their website themselves, so don’t require a support contract. Every so often they might call me to improve/enhance their website. Unlike some agencies, I don’t demand £500 per year, just to talk to my clients.
  • Fast: website loads quickly because the css and JavaScript files are combined and minified
  • SEO: The content is correctly formatted, so that you or I can use appropriate long-tail keywords in the meta Title, meta description, page URL, H1 tag, and alt image text
  • Sell more: I like websites that sell my client’s products and services to their target market. It’s not a problem if the website doesn’t work for people outside their target market.  So, pictures and graphics help. Serious prospects really want well-written descriptions that explain what’s different, and better about my clients’ products and services.

Wacky creative design isn’t really my thing.  Plenty of agencies dream about such projects.   My websites will convert visitors into the right sort of prospect.