Hosting Your Website

These days web-hosting shouldn’t be expensive. I have heard of agencies charging small clients, whose websites don’t get much traffic, £150 a year for hosting. Some companies, like Itseeze charge over £500 a year for hosting and support. I prefer to be open.

I show my clients how to set up their own hosting account and manage their domain name registration. My clients pay these fees directly. Some clients pay me a small amount for monthly support.
Many don’t need support, as I show my clients how to modify and update their website.

At the moment, I recommend TSOHost. Some clients prefer other providers. Years ago, I used Easyspace. Recently they proposed charging a client £80/year for domain registration and hosting. They also charged me £18 just for moving to TSO.

So far, TSO’s support has been quick, responsive and helpful, even late on a Saturday night. I’ve transferred websites and email accounts to TSO quickly, without a hitch. Their servers are based in Maidenhead, so web page load times around Cambridge and the UK are fine.

TSO’s hosting costs £16/year, and a domain about £6/year. This link gets you a small, 10% discount if you type SibraTSO10